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The CDU leadership supports Armin Laschet’s commitment to become German chancellor

The CDU leadership supports Armin Laschet’s commitment to become German chancellor

Armin Laschet achieved a major victory when he backed the party he leads in Angela Merkel’s subsequent campaign, the Christian Democratic Union, as a candidate for chancellor in the September Bundestag election.

The decision of the CDU government executive to support Laschet was a setback for Bavarian Governor Markus Söder. he claimed the title.

The move was expected, but could be debatable. Söder is the most popular politician, and many CDU MPs argued that in recent days the party would have a much better chance of winning the September elections as Söder’s candidate.

After throwing the cap into the ring on Sunday, Söder said he would accept the CDU’s decision. However, it is still unclear whether his party, the Bavarian Christian Social Union, will accept Laschet as a joint candidate for the CDU / CSU. The CSU executive will hold a meeting on Monday.

Sunday’s events derailed the process of finding Merkel’s successor, who will step down after 16 years as head of Germany, in confusion. The CDU and the CSU traditionally present a joint candidate for chancellor: that person is usually the head of the CDU, which is the biggest party.

Volker Bouffier, the governor of the western state of Hesse, said the CDU executive had unanimously backed him at a meeting in Berlin on Monday morning in Laschet. However, he added that no formal decision had been taken on the matter.

Bouffier said the executive has made it clear that “we consider it [Laschet] it went very well and we asked Markus Söder to discuss how we are progressing ”. He added, “Current surveys do not need to determine the decision [who we choose as] candidate ”.

Since Laschet was elected head of the CDU in January, the party has experienced a dramatic drop in elections, which has created an opening for Söder. He has often argued that the CDU / CSU joint candidate should be the politician most likely to win in September.

Voters accuse CDU of recent steps in government to treat coronavirus pandemic, particularly Covid-19 vaccine slow pace. The appearance of many CDU and CSU MPs getting huge commissions for agreements to get face masks also seriously damaged the party’s image.

The CDU’s misfortune was highlighted last month when it dropped to its level the worst election result ever Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate are two states that have been Christian Democrat strongholds for decades. National polls currently place CDU / CSU support at between 26% and 28%, compared to 33 per cent in the 2017 Bundestag elections.

There was more bad news over the weekend for Laschet, who is not only the head of the CDU but also the prime minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s most populous state. According to a survey by NRW’s WDR announcer, only 26% of state voters are satisfied with the work of the Laschet regional government and only 24% of voters believe it is a suitable candidate for chancellor.

It contrasts with the rise of CDU’s green slides. The party garnered 8.9% of the vote in 2017 and is currently voting 23 percent. It is considered a sure certainty that he will be part of the next German government.

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