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The FDA requires a pause in the J&J COVID vaccine

The FDA requires a pause in the J&J COVID vaccine

April 13, 2021 – FDA and CDC recommend pausing Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 on Tuesday blood clots in patients receiving the shooting, the FDA and CDC reported Tuesday.

In a statement, the FDA said J&J had 6.8 million doses vaccine have been administered and the agency is investigating six cases of new and strange and serious blood clot in the case of patients who have received it vaccine.

The CDC will convene a meeting of the advisory committee on vaccination practices on Wednesday to look into cases.

“This is important for the healthcare provider community to be aware of the potential for these harmful effects and to plan for the special treatment required for this type of blood clot,” the FDA said on Twitter.

The agency has scheduled a press conference at 10:00 a.m. to discuss the situation further. Check back for more coverage.

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