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The Harlem Globetrotters have sent a letter to Adam Silver asking him to join the NBA expansion team

The Harlem Globetrotters have sent a letter to Adam Silver asking him to join the NBA expansion team

As the NBA examines the expansion, the Harlem Globetrotters are demanding an NBA franchise.

In an open letter to Commissioner Adam Silver, the Globetrotters explained their historical importance to the sport of basketball and said that if you really believe what you were saying about social justice, returning to ‘normal’ needs to look different.

“You can’t act like we don’t exist. It’s time to correct mistakes and rewrite history. It’s time to honor what the NBA has done for Globetrotter in favor of OUR sport, both here in the U.S. and around the world,” the letter read. “As we’ve already shown, we can develop a talented team with a couple of professionals today, and we want the opportunity to do that. As a world-famous and legendary professional basketball team, we petition Commissioner Adam Silver, NBA Governor and The Original Harlem Globetrotters NBA the power to deliver the franchise. Not now, but right now! “

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The expansion hasn’t happened in the NBA since the Charlotte Bobcats (now the Hornets) made 30 NBA teams in 2004. And in the meantime Silver said the expansion it wasn’t something that was on the “front burner,” he noted that it’s something the league is looking at.

In the letter, the Globetrotters explained that in 1949 the Globetrotters faced the then BAA champion BAA and won for the second year in a row. At the time, basketball was not yet integrated.

In the letter, the game led to the integration of the sport and said both of the first black players in the NBA came from Harlem, Nat Sweetwater Clifton was the first black player to sign a contract and Earl Lloyd played for the first time. game.

“Although it was hard to see him go, we were proud of our young blacks because we made such a significant change in the game,” the letter read. “We continued to gather arenas and grow the game of basketball around the world. When the NBA made an effort to attract more than a thousand fans, we agreed to host the Globetrotters’ double stars. As the NBA grew, you were able to attract the best. Black players, but we remember who helped. The NBA is getting everything started.

The Globetrotters said they have helped spread the game around the world, playing in 122 different countries. In today’s game presented by Harlem, they also discussed the different elements of basketball that are popular today, from the back to the back handle, dunk, unseen pass, quick break, midfield jump shot and midfield hook shot.

“Congratulations on becoming a billion-dollar industry with tremendous efforts and international agreements with the media,” the Globetrotters wrote in the letter. “We’ve kept our heads down and focused on what brings us the most: a world-class basketball show, reuniting families and spreading the joy of the game.”

Sportsnet reported this Las Vegas and Seattle are probably two destinations for expansion.

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