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The hunt is on! Tuchel and Chelsea have sent a message to Pep ending Man City’s quadruple dream

The hunt is on!  Tuchel and Chelsea have sent a message to Pep ending Man City’s quadruple dream

Chelsea 1-0 Manchester City: Match statistics

All the talk before the start of Saturday’s Wembley FA Cup semi-final has been about Manchester City’s quadruple offer, but by the time the whistle blows all the time, Chelsea have proven they can develop Pep Guardiola’s side.

And all this is for one man: Thomas Tuchel.

Prior to this well-deserved 1-0 victory, the German had never improved on Guardiola as coach.

When the pair had previously played in Germany, they had never competed in a competition of the same level, even after Tuchel had exchanged Mainz with Borussia Dortmund. Guardiola’s Bayern Munich could not stop.

However, Tuchel has moved on to better and better things, as Paris Saint-Germain took him to the first Champions League final last year before being named Frank Lampard’s successor in January.

Like at Princes Park, Tuchel now has the resources to compete with the Guardians in City, and has now shown that he is capable of making a big impression on English football.

He has already had a big impact at Stamford Bridge, of course he only lost two of Chelsea’s first 19 games. Earlier this week, he led his new team to the Champions League finals, which means the Blues can meet City again this season, with a European Cup on top.

From what we saw at Wembley, Chelsea would represent their chances. In fact, they had good value for the opening 55 minutes offered by Hakim Ziyech.

For once, City were unable to squeeze the ball, as a secure Chelsea team scored 49.5 per cent in the first half.

Getty / Goal

“If you have good ball possession against the city, maybe it’s the best way to defend,” Tuchel told reporters after the game was over. “But we were also very strong in defensive statistics, and it is due to the courage of the players, both individually and as a team.

“We defended it very, very actively and aggressively, with great solidarity. Everyone needs to attack and defend. That’s the key.”

Tuchel’s approach certainly forced a tactical change on the part of Guardiola, who made it clear to him after restarting his team to put more pressure on the pitch.

As soon as the defensive line was advanced by Chelsea, Mason Mount released Timo Werner’s lightning back, which he crossed to go home to Ziyech.

It was just the latest in a long line of clever tactics since Tuchel took power, and he finally decided the game in his favor.

The goal was for Tuchel to show that he was the owner of this team, and it was an effective rotation after beating Porto in the Champions League quarter-finals at the weekend.

After that match in Seville, Tuchel also chose to keep his players in the south of Spain for one night. They stayed in the bubble, but it took them a long time to get a winning team.

Getty / Goal

He gave them a drop of alcohol. the possibility of pouring steam at the greatest pressure of the season.

Of course, not everyone has benefited from Tuchel’s arrival, he stressed Tammy Abraham did not lose the team of the day, although the FA Cup allows for a bench of nine people.

However, there is no denying that the summer signings of Kai Havertz and Werner have progressed under his leadership, with Christian Pulisic also in the new season.

There are plenty of heroes of their own in the mix, with Mason Mount, Callum Hudson-Odoi and Reece James holding important roles in Tuchel’s team.

Finally, after three and a half months, Tuchel has shown that Chelsea are ready to compete again for great honors. With this win, he has become the first German coach to reach the FA Cup final.

The fact that this small part of history has been achieved by winning Guardiola is even more significant, no doubt.

“It was a great performance on every theme and in every theme of the game,” Tuchel continued. “It’s clear that we need that to beat City’s Premier League benchmark. I’m very, very happy that we were able to do that and it was a well-deserved victory.”

Man City remains the best team in the Premier League, as the table proves. But Tuchel said Friday that Chelsea plan to “hunt” Guardiola’s team.

He proved to be more than capable of capturing Saturday’s victories.

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