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The new Bengal uniforms offer a new look with simple and welcome changes

The new Bengal uniforms offer a new look with simple and welcome changes

Maybe tigers can change lines.

The Bengals were the first team to unveil the new uniforms for the 2021 season, and they made simple and easy changes to make the uniforms much prettier than the previous ones.

The most notable change in the new outfit is the shoulder stripes; in previous excavations, the shoulders and sides of the Bengal uniforms were of different colors, and the new ones were of a good color.

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Cincy’s new uniforms are also changing the shadow around the number: those who are braver than the previous ones, the new uniforms have a simpler edge than the shadow. The font remains the same, replacing the “B” logo across the front of the “Bengals”.

Each uniform also bears the signature of Paul Brown team founder on the inside of the collar. Speaking of the necklace, each one is strong compared to last year’s contrasting colors for a simple, flowing and harmonious look.

An interesting note about the design: Nike observed real Bengal tigers to control their movements to give a more accurate representation of the movement of the stripes. Doing the extra mile.

Fortunately, the iconic design of the helmet remains the same.

All in all, a nice and simple redesign that takes away the clutter and clutter of the latest uniforms and offers a nice, lighter look to the new era of Bengali football.

Twitter made a good habit of the past by offering mixed reactions to new jerseys.

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