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The new “Story of the Seasons” is an “Animal Crossing” for life after closing

The new “Story of the Seasons” is an “Animal Crossing” for life after closing

When he came last march Animal crossing: new horizons was ideal game to endure a pandemic: it provided new levels of digital connection when people felt very distant from each other. Every day, there were new stories about the events Animal crossing (I’m still sad Elijah Wood never came to my island). The Slack and Discord communities were created to help people exchange recipes, exchange furniture and other household items and find the highest price of turnip weekly. A friend of mine also held him virtual book events within the game.

A year later, a lot of people are still there Covid-19. For the most part, they all exist within the socially distant status quo. Despite what it looks like, things are very different in March 2021. The world feels a little less out of control, a lot of my loved ones are vulnerable and I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I still find the style Animal crossing reassuring, but I need a little more complexity in my gameplay now. That’s where my obsession comes from The story of the seasons: The pioneers of the Olive Village.

If you don’t play A The story of the seasons game (or Stardew harana, because this game is based on the old part of the year The story of the seasons), is kind of Animal crossing, but with more depth. I like it AC, Pioneers of the Olive Village it’s what you do, but unlike in that game, there’s a lot to do. After completing the main line of the film Animal crossing, you can improve your island and interact with the locals, but there is no movement to move forward. It’s up to you to make your story; it is not true to play bingo, but in small doses for many days, weeks, and months.

The story of the seasons: The pioneers of the Olive Villageon the other hand, with you, the main character, he begins to inherit your grandfather’s old and old farmhouse. Your job is to get it up and running — to plant crops, to repair stables (cows! Alpacas! Chickens!) And to repair old bridges to get to new parts of the farm. But wait, there’s so much more – your farm is pretty close to town. In addition to shopping, having a drink at the coffee shop, buying new clothes and cutting your hair, you can also form a friendship and get married.

I can’t stress too much about the things to do in this game, which is why it’s so appropriate right now. Bada Animal crossing: new horizons He defined the 2020 pandemic and closed life, then The story of the seasons: The pioneers of the Olive Village We can see a glimmer of hope for the reopening of 2021.

A year ago, Pioneers of the Olive Village I would feel overwhelmed. It wasn’t going to work for me because I needed something to fix my nerves, and it seemed like an opportunity also endless. Now, it’s a perfect compromise. I’m still worried (that’s my secret, yes always worried). I’m not saying that’s all good but it is slowly improving. I have the energy and ability to take a little more responsibility in my games and manage more complexity.

At the same time, The story of the seasons: The pioneers of the Olive Village it can be as old or as small as you want. Animal crossing he emphasizes the enjoyment of creativity, which is unbelievable (and necessary, I’m glad that’s the case), but not everyone’s brain finds long-term satisfaction and peace of mind in it. At some point, I needed more than the games could offer. Pioneers of the Olive Village that gives it.

I should even add it sometimes Animal crossing I felt like I was busy, having to check in every day, appearing to buy turnip and then selling it (why were my prices always horrible?), take those Nook Miles. I felt a connection to the game because of the tasks. Pioneers of the Olive Village it can be played compulsively — I’ve lost a lot of time, in a good way — but time in the game isn’t tied to real life. I can pick it up and put it on at leisure, and if I’ve spent a day, a week, or a month on it, no one will blame me for going (and my clean farm doesn’t outdo cockroaches).

That’s not to say that The story of the seasons is better than Animal crossing—The two experiences are completely different, and it is up to you to decide which one works best. But if you run out of things to do Animal crossing and you miss that joy you felt when you played, if you need more sense of accomplishment in your entertainment, then The story of the seasons: The pioneers of the Olive Village It could be my favorite game of 2021.

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