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The Pandemic Turns One, vaccine testing fits and Coronavirus News more

The Pandemic Turns One, vaccine testing fits and Coronavirus News more

If there is a pandemic he was angry for a year, competing with shots approved by vaccine trials, and Biden signed a $ 1.9 trillion bill. Here’s what you should know:

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The Covid-19 pandemic is one year old

This week marks a year since the WHO caused the Covid-19 pandemic and it seemed the severity of the situation crystallize in national consciousness. In a televised anniversary speech on Thursday night, President Biden offered encouraging news: his administration is on track to distribute 100 million vaccine shots in its first 60 days, and will deliver From 2 million days a day. He further said that it will be addressed to the states to allow all adults to be vaccinated before May 1st.

All this means if we are also responsible for wearing a mask and following public health guidelines such as social exclusion. they have been vaccinated, the end of this pandemic, as we know it, may be near. But what exactly does it mean to return to “normalcy”? Psychologically, experts say, he recovered from the trauma and uncertainty of the previous year it will not happen overnight. When we get out of survival mode, we will have to renegotiate how and with whom we live and love. Relationships with friends and family could be tested during that time, and many of us have lost loved ones.

Ongoing vaccination trials need to be adapted to deal with approved shootings

As the spread of vaccines accelerates, doctors are confronted new dilemma: get people to sign up for rehearsals for new shots so they can get a placebo instead of the real one. In the face of this, some are exploring new ways to conduct trials, such as comparing the vaccine with one already authorized. However, they are closer to accepting new shots. Novavax, for example, encourages efficiency data from the trial in the UK on Thursday, and expects the initial results of the trial of 30,000 people in the US and Mexico in early April.

The spread of EU vaccines has progressed this week, albeit with setbacks. On Thursday, Johnson and Johnson’s shootings turned regional accepted fourth option. But many countries have done it He paused to use the AstraZeneca shot because it can cause blood clots. However, it is a European drug regulator he asked the countries to move forward, which is not yet to blame for the AstraZeneca vaccine and proves that the benefits of the shot outweigh the risks.

Biden signed a $ 1.9 trillion bill as the U.S. prepares for reconstruction

On Thursday, President Biden signed the US $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus bill become law. The aid package will allocate more than $ 6 billion to food security programs, extend already expanded unemployment benefits, and send $ 1,400 checks to many Americans this weekend. Democrats and advocates of progressive politics say it is very necessary and enduring expanding the social security networkWhen Republicans questioned the need for the bill, many states seem to be reopening on their own.

This bill is the power of this pandemic and the post-pandemic recoveries to fundamentally reshape society. Covid-19 has driven many American cities rethink how they use space, reducing the area set aside for parking, to make way for bicycles and pedestrians. And many parents come from a challenging year of distance learning, with a strong sense of purpose the structural changes our education system needs.

Daily distraction

Young climate change activists are turning to TikTok to raise awareness about the planet. The question is, what will he need become an act of consciousness?

Something to read

When Danielle Messer’s son Ari was diagnosed with a rare but devastating mitochondrial disease, he was devastated, at least not because children receive mitochondrial DNA from their mothers. A few years later, she decided she wanted to have another child, but not without it fixing the mutation.

Sanity Check

Password managers are not pleasant or exciting. But if you use the Internet, you need one. Here are our favorites.

One question

Why do we need Covid-19 data that takes into account sexual orientation and gender identity?

Many officials are hesitant to collect medical data that asks people for information about their sexual orientation and gender identity. According to a new study by the CDC, U.S. sexual minorities have higher numbers of chronic medical conditions associated with more severe Covid-19 cases. More information on this would make it easier to measure the toll of this pandemic in LGBTQ + communities and adapt public health responses accordingly. Including the option field in entry forms, surveys, etc. can help us better understand the exact the risks and needs of a vulnerable community.

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