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The proposed College Football Playoff expansion gives the NCAA a dozen reasons to cut the regular season in one game

The proposed College Football Playoff expansion gives the NCAA a dozen reasons to cut the regular season in one game

To win yet another College Football Playoff tournament, Alabama will play tough opponents like Florida, Texas A&M and LSU. The tide will also play Mercer, who finished fifth last season in the Southern Conference.

Georgia will face Charleston Southern, who lost 62 points in the last game against an SEC opponent. Oklahoma is ready to play against the West Carolina Catamounts team, having finished six games in less than 500 games in 2019. This is often the case in the 12th game of college football, which is just as crucial as the “flying wedge” for the sport.

Yes, that’s right: it should be outlawed.

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During 2005, the NCAA’s board of directors executed one of the most impressive fundraisers in the history of college sports, as we all know, saying a lot. There was no good reason to allow the extension of the regular college football season to 12 games, in addition to getting an extra home door for power programs.

And there’s still less reason if the sport leaders are serious about expanding the knockout structure to 12 teams and possibly four games including four-member teams.

The last Myles Brand was a great man and an effective leader in the NCAA presidency, but it’s hard to believe that when he advocated extending the schedule he managed not to laugh, “the season won’t be long; it means he’d say goodbye week.”

There were also comical discussions in newspaper reports about the growth of the schedule, suggesting that there could be more games without a high-level conference, perhaps even among geographical rivals. Pitt and Penn State have played four times in 15 seasons.

No, this was always money. It’s not a small number, and each FBS school participated in its own way in revenue growth by playing an extra home game if it owned that schedule capacity or got a guaranteed payment on the road.

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Proposing the playoffs to 12 teams triples the number of teams involved and more than triples the inventory of tournament playoff games. The champions of the six best prize conferences will receive an automatic bid, which will be represented by at least one team from outside the “Autonomy Five” conferences.

This means that there will be a huge influx of revenue from the entry season in terms of TV revenue and revenue receipts. And ensuring through this system that all lectures will somehow have a representative, that all lectures will, so to speak, share that abundance.

There has been a lot of reaction from people around the impertinence of extending the season for teams entering 16 or 17 games in a 12-team CFP. It would be a number if a team played the final with or without a goodbye. . And, in the face of this, what has been explained against this concept is correct.

Their concerns can be resolved, however, and painlessly, with a page that can be sealed with a rubber stamp by the NCAA Legislative Steering Committee.

Game 12 must end.

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