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The return of the king! Messi has regained the crown of the Barcelona Cup on the dream night of Koeman and Laporta

The return of the king!  Messi has regained the crown of the Barcelona Cup on the dream night of Koeman and Laporta

Barcelona 4-0 Athletic Club: Match statistics

Joan Laporta’s horrible smile was somehow seen behind the face mask as the proud new president of Barcelona saw him receive the first trophy of his second reign on a terrific night for the Sevilla club.

Lionel Messi scored twice, after goals from Antoine Griezmann and Frenkie de Jong, as the Catalans led Athletic Club 4-0 to a 31st Copa del Rey record, and the first since Valencia saw 2019 offer five consecutive wins. .

But this is the King’s Cup and it is Barcelona’s again, or more specifically Messi’s.

The elegant Argentine put on a regal display, bouncing off a disappointing Clasico show last weekend He became the only top scorer in the cup finals, with 10, as he lifted the trophy for the seventh time.

It was a great performance for the team, however. Barca did not add any other trophies to its extensive collection; they offered a forceful display, above the challenge of the League title, and beyond.

With Atletico Madrid falling and Real Madrid having a smaller and smaller team, Barcelona have already shown that they have overcome Clasico’s setbacks, could be a huge blow to morale and have sent a money-tight club into a spiral.

Ronald Koeman remained confident in his 3-5-2 system and made bold selection calls, which bore fruit for the Catalans who beat the Basque rivals in a similar victory to Athletic at the Camp Nou in their last Copa 2015 victory.

Gerard Pique came on in place of Ronald Araujo after the Uruguayan’s slow display at Real Madrid, and the Spaniard performed brilliantly despite playing only one game in the last seven weeks.

That was a spectacular return to the finals against Sevilla, and here it was equally impressive, holding him twice against Inaki Williams in individual situations.

The Athletic striker overtook Pique in the famous and dust-eating match between the sides just over a year ago, but there was only one winner here.

Griezmann was Koeman’s other bet, striker was chosen ahead of compatriot Ousmane Dembele and made a good call, although the French striker failed with a 0-0 result.

The former Atletico man picked himself up and managed to overcome the blockade, turning the cross over to Frenkie de Jong.

Getty / Goal

Koeman was not the only Dutchman to emerge from the fight looking good, with Laporta facing him.

The coach finally showed that he could lead Barcelona to victory in a big match – and when he got a remarkable victory – he proved that the versatile Dutch international De Jong is in that midfield task.

Initially bought to fill the position of Sergio Busquets, De Jonge went ahead, as he did against Athletic, scoring one goal and two assists.

In recent weeks, however, they have been forced to defend elsewhere, but in the future it should only be an emergency measure. It just has too much to offer from an offensive point of view.

After Griezmann opened the scoring, De Jong bent over back home for a second, expertly teased by Jordi Alba, before taking on Messi.

The striker’s first goal was reminiscent of his solo masterpiece against Athletic in 2015, except this time when he played one-on-two with De Jong in the build-up work.

At 33, Messi can’t do everything alone and needs teammates on a long wave. That victory was to prove that he still has a star actor in Barcelona. these colleagues are not only talented, but also mentally strong.

Barcelona have been successful in big games this season and the youngsters of the team, like Oscar Mingueza and Pedri Gonzalez, climbed to the mark. Messi may become the player next to him in the coming seasons.

The No. 10 free agent has yet to decide whether his future is in Barcelona from this summer, when his contract expires, but that victory will increase his chances of staying.

It was a victory that suggested he was creating something in Barcelona. They have been rediscovered, although they are not yet ready to fight the European elites, as highlighted by the Champions League play-offs at the hands of Paris Saint-Germain.

That, however, was an evening that was right for Barcelona. As the painful failures of the last few years melted into the night, the rumor went to the sky and Messi ended up holding another trophy in his hand.

No wonder Laporta was going from ear to ear under that mask.

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