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The successful S&P 500 on Wall Street has been a huge success

The successful S&P 500 on Wall Street has been a huge success

U.S. stocks hit a new record, driven by technology stocks, and government bonds were again collected in return for the notorious pandemic trade, which benefited from social constraints and monetary policy.

The technology stock market meeting for the first time helped the S&P 500 benchmark to exceed 4,000 points, up 1 percent from New York’s lunchtime. Technology-based Nasdaq Composite, which is stacked with growth firms, has risen 1.4 percent with firms that make valuations at low market interest rates.

The yield on the 10-year benchmark Treasury rose sharply in the first quarter as a result of a bet on inflation when investors reopened their economies, falling 0.07 percentage points to 1.67 percent.

The treasury meeting has risen slightly after a report showed new claims for unemployment benefits It rose to 61,000 to 719,000 last week, a higher-than-expected reading for 680,000 Wall Street economists.

In economic data indicating the opposite direction, the Institute for Supply Management revealed that U.S. manufacturing activity rose to a level of more than 37 months last month.

The jobs report was more important for the performance of the stock and bond markets, said Christian Keller, head of economic research at Barclays, who said the U.S. central bank is unlikely to tighten money on unemployment policy. it remained high.

“The Federal Reserve will not change its rhetoric without further evidence on how the labor market will develop in the next six months,” he added.

The March report on US works in March will be released on Friday, as US stock markets will be closed, but bond tables will remain open.

The return of the treasury, which suffered one of the worst quarterly results this century, came when investors bought active paradises. The 10-year German Bund yield fell 0.03 percentage points minus 0.33 percent. Bond yields move inversely to prices.

As European coronavirus emergencies worsened, French President Emmanuel Macron announced a four-week national closure on Wednesday evening and Italy extended the border until the end of April. The Canadian province of Ontario will also begin a 28-day shutdown from Saturday.

For much of the past year, investors have warned that optimism and the reopening of developed economies about the post-growth pandemic rise around the world are far from over.

“There has been a lot of optimism [to markets] since the beginning of the year, but it is clear that it is possible not to see the perfect scenario for a reopening in the second half, ”said Anna Stupnytska, global macroeconomist at Fidelity International.

Risks to global growth, Stupnytska added, include more contagious variants of coronavirus, e.g. Identified in Brazil, The spread of vaccines, which was spreading throughout Europe, remained slow.

The European Stoxx 600 capital index closed up 0.6 percent to 432.2 points, driven by technology equities and a record high of the 433.9 pandemic it hit in February last year.

Technology groups have given another boost to U.S. President Joe Biden’s plan to spend $ 2 million on infrastructure on Wednesday. proposed investments in scientific research and broadband.

The dollar, measured against the basket of major currencies, fell 0.3 percent, but has remained around its strongest level since November last year. The euro rose 0.4 percent against the dollar and bought $ 1.177. The sterling grew by the same amount to $ 1,383.

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