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The Suez Canal ship is finally a free impetus for global trade

The Suez Canal ship is finally a free impetus for global trade

The skyscraper-sized ship, which has been stuck in the Suez Canal for nearly a week, was finally released on Monday after the ship began moving north to reopen one of the world’s major commercial arteries after a massive rescue mission.

The tugboats involved in the rescue were blowing their horns as the Never Bow was released from the bank of the east canal just past 2pm in London. Leth Agencies Suez Canal crossing agent said the ship was heading north to the Great Bitter Lake section of the canal.

By Monday evening, large vessels with cargo containers and livestock carriers could be seen in satellite tracking as they headed south from the lower part of the canal, while the vessels also began to enter from the Mediterranean side.

Boskalis, through its rescue subsidiary Smit, the company that is rescuing the ship, warned earlier this week that there was only 70 percent of the ship’s release, after the stern of the ship had moved from night to night, warning it was still badly stuck. .

But efforts to free the bow from heavy clay soils on Monday evening were successful in towing vessels and dredging operations, potentially reopening the waterway to international shipping traffic.

Osama Rabie, head of the Suez Canal Authority, said on Monday that navigation had begun on the canal from 6pm and that on Tuesday by 08:00 113 vessels would have to pass through the canal. Continuing at that speed, he said, the portfolio of 422 boats waiting at both ends of the water could pass in three to three and a half days.

“We work 24 hours a day. Our pilots will work day and night, ”Rabie said.

The authority also said it was looking at “incentives” to offset the ships that delayed the blockade. “We will probably do it because they are our customers and have had a negative impact.”

The blockchain, which has captured the world and become a rich source of online humor, created nearly 400 ships in the north and a source of canal tickets, transporting about 12 percent of the world’s trade. According to Lloyd’s list, about $ 10 billion in trade passes through the route every day.

New progress oil prices are lowerWith Brent crude, an international oil benchmark, it fell nearly 1 percent to $ 63.99 a barrel.

Peter Berdowski, CEO of Boskalis, said that “the time pressure to carry out this operation is obvious and unprecedented.”

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi ordered preparations to be removed from the ship over the weekend if efforts to overflow failed again, fueling fears that the route could be cut short during the week, with the nature of the goods being complicated and laborious.

Shoei Kisen Kaisha, the Japanese company that owns the boat, said earlier that the diving was “near” when rescue experts managed to get the boat’s stern away from the western edge of the canal. Rescue efforts on Monday were aimed at taking advantage of the big spring tides to pull the ship out with ropes.

Never give up after moving to live stream © Fleetmon / Reuters

The disruption occurred at a time when global supply chains are already in tension, and the distortions caused by Covid-19 have put special pressure on the availability of containers. Soren Skou, CEO of AP Moller-Maersk, the world’s largest container line, told the Financial Times accelerate a change punctually away from supply chains.

The possibility of a long blockade of the canal was affected by some shipping companies Focus on African ships, which adds a lot of time and cost to travel. The Taiwanese group Evergreen Marine, which rents Ever Give, is among those who have diverted their boats.

Rabies told local television over the weekend that the Suez Canal Authority planned to work to pass 150 ships a day, far more than the 90 vessels it could handle on a normal day.

However, someone who worked in a shipping team around the world warned that the volume of traffic would probably be lower, maybe just 80-85 buckets a day, that they needed the best part of the week to clean up.

Hapag-Lloyd, the world’s fifth-largest container shipping company, expects to lift the delay by four days while Euronav’s Brian Gallagher, Belgium’s central tanker group, warned that the head of investor relations would need “at least a week”. Hapag-Lloyd has no plans to divert more of its container vessels around the Cape of Good Hope, but AP Moller-Maersk is looking at returning some of the 15 vessels it diverted across Africa to the Suez Canal.

Authorities may need to inspect the area that has never been handed over to ensure that it is safe after the largest dredging activity has taken place.

Evergreen Marine said the ship’s marine capability should be tested at the Great Bitter Lake anchorage. Based on the results, the necessary adjustments will be made to the ship’s subsequent voyage and delivery of cargo.

Additional report by Kathrin Hille in Taipei and Hudson Lockett in Hong Kong

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