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The Tuinska Rask of the Bruins played through hip-labrum, possibly losing the start of the NHL season

The Tuinska Rask of the Bruins played through hip-labrum, possibly losing the start of the NHL season

NHL players tend to be knocked out of the playoffs, but what Tuukka Rask played in the Bruins playoffs makes no sense.

As Rask confirmed to reporters in Friday morning’s exit interviews, he faced a torn labrum in his hip during the playoffs. He will need surgery to fix the problem.

“I have a torn labrum next to me. I’m going to have surgery,” Rask said NBC Sports Boston’s Nick Goss. “I don’t know what the exact date is, probably within a month. I’ll start the recovery process and then we’ll see what the future holds. Hopefully the recovery goes well and I’ll be ready. I’ll play hockey sometime next year.”

Bruins Vs. In the last two games in the Islanders section it became clear that Rask was not the same. He played just two times against New York in the 5th period, scoring four goals in 16 shots before leaving. Boston coach Bruce Cassidy has confirmed that Rask has had “some maintenance work to do” in the final period of the game.

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In Game 6, Rask saved 23 of 27 shots but didn’t look 100 percent. It wasn’t moving as well as the first in the series. After the Bruins were expelled, Cassidy suggested that Rask should undergo surgery.

Now, we know why. It is impressive to see Rask lying on the ice with a torn labrum under his hip. However, playing as a result of the injury could cost him some time next season.

Rask said he wants to play in Boston again next year, but will not be able to return until January as soon as possible.

“Yeah (I want to play next year). Mentally, I’m ready for that,” Rask said. “On the physical side, hopefully everything goes well. We’ll probably look back at hockey in January or February. That’s the plan, and we hope it works.”

Certainly, if Boston wants to return Rask (the free agent), it’s not ideal to be released to start the season.

From this also arises a question; Should Boston really start Rask with less than 100 percent?

The Bruins have a lot of talent as goalkeepers. His backup, Jeremy Swayman, posted a 7-3-0 record against a .945 savings percentage and an average of 1.50 goals at the start of the 10 regular season. Veteran Jaroslav Halak (9-6-4 record, .905 SV percentage, 2.53 GAA) was also available.

Of course, starting over Rask would be risky. Swayman is an inexperienced rookie who refused to give the Islanders a goal on three shots in Rask’s relief in Game 5. Halak struggled at the end of the season to get off the COVID list and see Swayman advance to the depth chart.

But they both had an advantage over Rask: they were supposedly healthy.

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