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The Union said Amazon violated the Labor Act in the Alabama Elections

The Union said Amazon violated the Labor Act in the Alabama Elections

The union claims that Amazon has also taken revenge against union supporters. According to objections, the company directed a union advocate for challenging anti-union rhetoric. According to the data presented, Amazon conducted an illegal interrogation in another area of ​​work to distribute union permit cards to another employee. Then the company released him.

In addition to the alleged threats, the union alleges that Amazon took steps to benefit employees. When the election was underway, company agents allegedly began demanding and complaining about employee complaints, relaxed certain rules, and offered wage coups and a free market. The union questioned Amazon’s use of the “Offer,” an annual payment it offers employees who want to leave the company, calling it a “collected threat as a benefit”. The offer was not new or specific to BHM1, but rather the former president of the NLRB he told CNBC the company arguably had to cancel the election.

Asked to comment on objections, Amazon spokesperson shared after company election blog post and wrote, “In fact, less than 16% of BHM1 workers voted to join a union,” which includes uncountable votes and non-voting workers. “Rather than accepting the election of these workers, it seems that the union intends to continue to misrepresent the facts in order to push its own agenda. We look forward to the next steps in the judicial process.”

There are many reasons for employees to vote no. Some staff said happy With Amazon’s salary and benefits. The local government, eager to bring jobs to an area hit hard by manufacturing declines, has sued many companies, offering Amazon a habit of pulling out large tax incentives. The company’s $ 15 minimum wage is more than double the Alabama minimum, although it remains below other unionized warehouses in the state. Some workers were worried that if the union won they would lose those jobs.

The closure of factories that plan to avoid retaliatory shots and other places is illegal, but the penalties are pocket changes for most employers. Leaving a $ 325 million new facility with a 20-year lease would be a greater deterrent, even if it would not be impossible for a $ 1 trillion company to acquire it.

However, RWDSU complains that the anti-union tactics on Amazon were so horrific that the union had almost no chance of fighting. Violation of labor legislation is common in union elections, says Labor Studies teacher Rebecca Givan Rutgers. Penalties for breaking the law are meager, and many employers believe it is a cost to do business.

The challenges for the NLRB election fall into two categories: the elections that were supposed to be held at the NLRB regional office on Friday, related to how the elections were conducted. Allegations of unfair labor practices, which are essentially in violation of labor law, must be filed within six months of the alleged violation. It is likely that RWDSU will send it later. Amazon may also file its charges, but the company did not comment on whether it intends to do so.

The NLRB’s regional offices will then be heard, usually within three weeks. During the hearing, both parties may present evidence and call and question witnesses. If allegations of unfair practice are made at that time, they may be thrown into the mix or then receive a separate hearing.

The Regional Director may issue a decision on the impediments, or combine it with the charges of unfair labor practices and may appeal to the court of administrative law, which decides on unfair labor practices. Either or both can appeal the decision to a five-member Washington DC national committee, and that’s when national party policy comes into play. Republicans have controlled the NLRB since 2017, during which time they set a pro-employment agenda. They now have a 3-1 majority, with one seat free. However, the term of Republican William Emanuel ends in August. President Biden could issue two Democrats at the end of the year, overturning control. If the Amazon case is so long, the chances of getting any union appeal can be improved.

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