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The White House rejects federal passports for the Covid-19 vaccine

The White House rejects federal passports for the Covid-19 vaccine

The White House has stressed that it will not include mandatory federal passports for the Covid-19 vaccine, as it sets up a system to ensure any Republican resistance to vaccination.

“The government is not there now, and we will not support the system that requires Americans to carry credentials,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Wednesday. “There will be no federal vaccine database, no federal order that everyone should get a single vaccine certificate.”

However, officials are willing to work with private companies to help set the rules for the proper use of certificates.

“Since the private nonprofit sector and these tools are being explored, our interest is very simple, on the part of the federal government, which is to protect the privacy and rights of Americans so that these systems are not used unfairly against people.” Psaki said.

Governments around the world are stepping up their vaccination programs 16m dose they are delivered daily. The rapid progress being made in countries such as the US and the UK is creating pressure on inoculated people to go to the theater, eat out and fly internationally without restriction.

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EB is working it intends to introduce an electronic vaccine certificate in an effort to help people move more freely on the block. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson could provoke the anger of his MPs this week after going back the private sector tries to incorporate similar schemes into it.

World Health Organization he said TuesdayHowever, he did not allow vaccine passports to become a requirement for international travel, as there was not yet enough information to know that people who could be vaccinated could transmit the disease.

In the U.S., there are at least 17 initiatives by companies and non-governmental organizations to create vaccine credentials, including one developed by IBM, which New York State is using to restart major events, such as weddings and concerts. .

Road administration officials they have been working on to develop with these organizations a set of rules governing the operation of any certification.

But the push behind the idea has sparked a backlash among American conservatives, who believe their civil liberties are in jeopardy.

Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor of Florida, last week has given the order prohibit the issuance of any vaccination certificate to government agencies, and prohibit companies from requesting it. It was signed Tuesday by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott similar order, any organization that receives government money is prohibited from applying for proof of vaccination before admission.

Meanwhile Donald Trump Jr., the son of the former president, he tweeted: “It may be time to find another career if you’re a Republican in office and you’re not aggressively speaking out against ‘vaccine passports’.”

The issue is becoming so politicized that some experts are concerned that many conservatives are tightening their resistance to the vaccine.

Kaiser Family Foundation Reflection Questionnaire shows nearly a third of Republican voters say they have no plans to get vaccinated at all, as doubts have risen since the first vaccines were approved last year.

Brian Castrucci de Beaumont, CEO of the Foundation, who has been researching Republican views on vaccines, said: “The way we talk about the vaccine passport has been a challenge for Republicans who are already concerned about enforcement and orders.

“The more we turn a political debate into a response to a public health crisis, the farther we will go from returning to normal life.”

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