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Tiger Woods car accident: The speed limit on golf was almost double

Tiger Woods car accident: The speed limit on golf was almost double

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff, when he fell in February, Tiger Woods was about to double his speed to 45 mph.

45 times 15 times the main champion was the fact that firefighters and paramedics had to “get out of the car”.

The Woods car left the road at about 84-87 mph and overturned several times in an accident in California.

Woods was discharged from hospital earlier this month after suffering multiple serious injuries.

There was no evidence that Woods was harmed by drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident.

LA regional sheriff Alex Villanueva said: “The main cause of this traffic collision was the inability to negotiate the unsafe speed and curve of the road for factor conditions.”

Woods ’car crossed the central divider hundreds of feet before resting, hitting a tree and turning several times in an accident at Ranchos Palos Verdes.

The American had to undergo surgery after fractures in his open leg and injuries to his foot and ankle.

In addition to the maximum speed of 87 kilometers per hour, the sheriff Villanueva added a speed of “75 kilometers per hour when the vehicle hit the tree.”

LASD Captain James Powers said: “A data recorder called the car’s ‘black box’ was engaged by Woods with an accelerator and he never put the brakes on during the incident. This could indicate that the car hit the wrong pedal while trying to control the car.”

Powers added: “It’s thought that when you’re terrified or you’re driving when you have a sudden break, the initial thought is to brake and think he could have done that but hit the accelerator.”

No mention was made because there were no witnesses to the incident. “We will not mention the offense that was not committed in front of a peace officer or independent witnesses,” Villanueva explained.

Woods on Wednesday thanked those who helped in his rescue, adding: “I will continue to focus on my healing and family and I want to thank everyone for the tremendous support and encouragement I have received at this very difficult time.”

A former world number one and 2019 Masters Champion, the LA county minister said he had a “happy life” after what happened on Feb. 23, was the sole occupant of his vehicle and was wearing a seat belt.

Woods had a car accident in November 2009 and, as a result, broke his confessions of infidelity and marriage. He took a break in golf but soon returned.

In 2017, he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence when he was found sleeping in a car wheel. He later complained of reckless driving.

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