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Tips to liven up your sex life

Tips to liven up your sex life

Being old doesn’t mean it’s over.

“I have a graph that says,‘ Old people have it sex. Pass it on, ”says Joan Price, a 77-year-old award-winning author, public speaker and educator specializing in older sexes. we can invent and recreate it and relax in a new way. “

What changed?

When you were younger, hormones encouraged sex. As you get older, your hormone levels go down.

In men, testosterone levels are lower.

You may:

  • Shorter orgasms
  • Weaker and less ejaculation semena output
  • You need more stimulation to get and maintain the assembly
  • You need more time to ejaculate after another erection

In women, estrogen levels decreased before and after menopause.

You may:

Medical conditions and disease, medicationsand surgery can affect you sexual health, as well as your body image.

“Some people say,‘ Oh, no, how do you want me to be with all of this? wrinkles? ‘or’ I can’t have sex because the montages aren’t reliable, “says Price.” But sex can be better than ever at this time in life because we know ourselves. We know what we need and what we want in sex and in life. ”

Tip 1: Communicate

Communication is the only sexual advice for all ages.

“Older people weren’t taught to talk about sex or even recognize sexual pleasure and what they need,” Price says. “We didn’t learn to tell anyone, really love if you do that “.

Even if you’ve been with your partner for dinner or for decades, no one can read yourself. Things that used to feel good when you were young may not feel good now. Don’t fake it: fairy ways to say what you need to learn.

“Recognize where we are mentally and physically,” Price suggests. “Say,‘ I can’t hold this position because my knee, back or neck hurts ’or‘ We need to have a threesome with a sex toy right now because I can’t be orgasm without that “.


Tip 2: Spread the idea of ​​good sex

As a lack of hormones makes it harder to reach orgasm as you get older, you may not be able to reach your goal as before. But you can still enjoy the ride.

“Sex is better when it’s not goal-oriented. We can relax with the pleasure of feeling,” Price says. “Take out the hope that sex should have sex. There are many other ways to give and feel pleasure and sensation – and perhaps orgasms – than to have ‘real sex’ than you always thought you would have a single sexual act. ”

Tip 3: Try the Sex Toy

As you get older, the sex toy isn’t just an improvement; it can be the difference between having or not having an orgasm. Price, who reviews sex toys, says there are a lot of wonderful toys for both couples.

A good sex toy should be strong enough for your body to age, but the intensity should be increased from zero to 100 mph instead. This should also be:

  • Able to work for a long time without losing load
  • Easy to load
  • Made of body-protected materials
  • Comfortable to hold for a long time
  • Slim (prices say vaginal aging is “not so welcome”)

Perhaps most importantly, your sex toy should be something you can easily control by appearance or feeling. “It’s nothing less than taking off your glasses so you can see your sex toy controls,” Price says.

Tip 4: Experiment with comfortable positions

You may no longer feel well about your possible position.

“Instead of trying a new position, I encourage people to find the position that is most comfortable for you, which allows you to focus on a pleasant sensation without any pain or pain,” says Price.


Tip 5: Role play with your partner or in your head

Role-playing games give you the freedom to say anything, do anything, and be anyone. Communicating face-to-face with your partner makes you successful. Start with questions like:

  • Should we do one fantasy at a time? Or go out together?
  • Name something that makes you think, even if you would never do it in real life?
  • If you were to try what you just described in the role-playing game, what part would you like me to play and how would you like me to play it?

If your partner is unhappy with this, you always have role-playing games in mind.

“Our main sexual organ is ours brain“Price says your fantasy role-playing games without anyone knowing. It’s not a betrayal of what you’re doing with your partner; it’s an improvement on what you’re doing with your partner.”

Tip 6: Consider Age-Based Erotica

If you consume younger erotica, you are more likely to develop depression than you do. Consider age-appropriate pornography, magazines, books, or websites.

“Older people are already aware of how it limits the aging process, including pain, aches and the inability to do things the way they used to,” Price says. “Celebrating age is not only a recognition, it’s a wonderful way to stay sexy and honest as you get older.”



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