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Titan Schedule 2021: Dates and times of 17 matches, schedule strength, final record announcement

Titan Schedule 2021: Dates and times of 17 matches, schedule strength, final record announcement

The 2020 season marked the first time since 2015 that the Titans finished the season 9-7. On the 20th, they were better, and riders Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill won the AFC South title. Will they be able to repeat as division champions?

While the Titans are adding talent, they have also lost some important players. Also, the draft of the first return of 2020, Isaiah Wilson, was left out of the field problems. He is out of the league now.

So titans have some holes, but that hasn’t stopped them from being successful. Their defense, in particular, has not been excellent in the last two years, however, they managed to make it to the AFC Championship Game on the 19th and won the AFC South on the 20th. That’s partly thanks to the good coach – as well as the fact that each team in his division has some notable weaknesses.

Will that be the same on the 21st? It’s hard to say. What we do know is that the Titans have a tough schedule that stands out with all the NFC West teams and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Here’s a full rundown of the Titans ’2021 schedule, including 17 game dates, start times, and analysis.

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Titan’s programming 2021

The Titans ’schedule will be announced as part of the NFL’s calendar release on Wednesday, May 12 at 8 p.m., ET. These are the teams that will play in the 2021 NFL season.

House Outside
Arizona Cardinals Houston Texans
Buffalo Bills Indianapolis Colts
Houston Texans Jacksonville Jaguars
Indianapolis Colts Los Angeles Rams
Jacksonville Jaguars New England Patriots
Kansas City Chiefs New York Jets
Miami Dolphins Pittsburgh Steelers
New Orleans Saints Seattle Seahawks
San Francisco 49

The Titans started the 2020 season in an impressive way. They then won five games, including a 42-16 play by the Bills. Even more impressive is the fact that at the beginning of this game they were shut down by a COVID occurrence and largely unable to practice.

After that, the Titans had less and less competition but had some problems with top teams. Their attack was tremendous, but the defense was not very good. They could not rush the passage and this caused some problems with the coverage in the back as they were asked to do too much in their corners. That’s why they invested a lot of money in free agent Bud Dupree while spending a first-round pick on Caleb Farley.

This year the Titans ’calendar will be tough. They won AFC South last year and will face a first-place schedule. They also have some high-level AFC competitions that can take advantage of their weaknesses.

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The strength of the Titans schedule

Analyzing last year’s records, the Titans have their 13th hardest strength this year with a mark of 0.507. It may not sound too bad, but AFC is the highest mark of the four teams in the South.

Titan’s schedule can be even harder than the numbers indicate. If the 49ers and Patriots could bounce back from the years when many players were missing, they could prove to be Tennessee’s opposing challenges. Maybe if Saints backs down without Drew Brees, that will balance things out, but a match with a team coached by Sean Payton is still worth a try.

Hardest tests: There’s plenty in this year’s lineup, including getting the AFC Grand Prix at home. The Titans beat the majors in the 2019 regular season, but given the state of the defense, they can only win in one shootout. That said, it could be difficult to compete with Muhammad in 2021.

Titan’s road schedule is particularly wild this season as well. They’ll have to travel to borders that aren’t as pleasant as Seattle, Pittsburgh and New England, and they’ll also have to take on a Rams team that looks great in Los Angeles.

Longest breaks: The two games against Texan and the Jaguars should give the Titans a three-game winning streak. The Texans are in trouble right now, while the Jaguars are breaking into a young QB and lacking much talent on defense. Outside the division, the Jets are placed in a category like the Texans and Jaguars, so there will be a chance to win the game on the road.

Bottom line: The Titans have been a good and trained team under the direction of Mike Vrabel, and there is no reason for that to change. However, after losing key players on defense and losing wide receiver Corey Davis and extremist Jonnu Smith, the reason is to think about whether they will break the same clip they did last year.

This can make it difficult for the Titans to compete with some high-level teams. They still have a very good attack on the ground, but without any improvement in defense, they will have to continue to win in the shootouts against some of the good attacks they will face.

Anyway, the Titans should have a good year, but they may be on the verge of the playoff race. The Colts seem to have overtaken them on paper, so the Titans are more of a wildcard group with a messy schedule bag. If you break them well, they will be good. If not, in a year. They can drop below 500 at the hands of Vrabel.

For now, we’ll think about keeping them afloat and competing for a wildcard berth.

Registration announcement: 9-8

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