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Todd McShay’s latest NFL draft has a weird landing place for Mac Jones, Justin Fields

Todd McShay’s latest NFL draft has a weird landing place for Mac Jones, Justin Fields

The return of the Mac … generally No. 3.

ESPN NFL draft analyst Todd McShay has thrown out his latest draft. and apparently has raised two of the league’s biggest stories to the first round: Alabama QB Mac Jones goes very early, Buckeye Justin Fields doesn’t.

McShay’s last bite put Jones in 49th place, slipping into the top 10 of the Fields and negotiating with the Patriots with the Giants to pick him at No. 11 in the Fields.

McShay’s mockery seems to at least match the hot theories of this draft this season: San Francisco negotiated until No. 3 because he wants the Alabama quarterback, and Fields is going down the draft tables.

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Thursday’s “Get Up!” In the session, Domonique Foxworth mocked McShay, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan should have thought about the San Francisco offense around Fields and not trade with Jones.

Part of Foxworth’s very entertaining run:

In my head I imagine the crime of Kyle Shanahan, with Justin Fields, Brandon Aiyuk, Mostert, Kittle, on that main line of insult, and I have to imagine that Kyle Shanahan sees and is moved by that. Imagine the cover against a linebacker with George Kittle on the edge of Justin Fields?

But Mac Jones was not dealing with adverse situations. Mac Jones was throwing a chill in his pocket at the boys. Do you know why he seems to read his progressions pretty well? Because DeVonta Smith is No. 1 and is always incredibly open. So let’s chill. Maybe I need a chill, I’m the only one who’s getting to be the only one. It’s very confusing for me to come up with this coded language about how people do assessments and the ability of people to read defense and things like that. Mac Jones is doing calculations like away – no. Outside is throwing the open guy, who is American.

Foxworth would mention that Jones was, at least in part, a huge offender of Alabama and its offensive talent, including wide receivers Jaylen Waddle and DeVonta Smith and foreign runners Najee Harris.

Anyway, McShay’s mockery is now in the ether, and there’s no stopping it.

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