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Tyson Fury: Heavyweight Anthony Joshua Faces World Cup Boxing to Consider ‘Big Bids’ Boxing News

Tyson Fury: Heavyweight Anthony Joshua Faces World Cup Boxing to Consider ‘Big Bids’ Boxing News

Tyson Fury says he will consider “big offers” from several countries late this year to organize the face of the heavyweight world title between Anthony and Joshua.

In a video posted to his Twitter account on Friday night, Fury said he wants a chance to “break this big record,” referring to joint champion Joshua.

“I’ve just received some great news, three or four big offers on the table – the interest of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Uzbekistan, Russia, America, my gypsy brothers in England – there are some big and big offers on the table,” Fury said.

“I will spend them on Sunday and we hope we will get a big fight and let this big dossier break me.”

Joshua took to Twitter on Friday to offer an update, promising that his team is “fighting very hard” and that they “hope to report positive news soon.”


Eddie Hearn says Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury will receive “multiple offers” this week, wanting to agree on a place and date for the undisputed world heavyweight fight.

The chance to fight at Wembley had previously received a boost as London Mayor Sadiq Khan gave his support to promoter Eddie Hearn.

Among the options for the spot is to be presented to Hearn fighters It is a fight that took place in the national stadium of England on July 24, full power could be allowed at that time.

“Eddie Hearn can do anything,” Khan told SNTV. “I mean this guy is amazing. I call him Eddie’s friend, I’m his fan.

“Joshua-Klitschko, who came out with 90,000, was impressive. We worked closely with him.

“I’m looking forward to seeing Joshua-Fury. I think it’s going to be amazing. I won’t tell you who I’m on the side of, but wouldn’t it be great to see these two great boxers, world champions, boxing Tyson and Anthony for fans in this country? they will tell you that they are grateful.

“Eddie knows how to get to me. We’ll do what we can to help Eddie. I’m grateful there’s a policy in boxing too. I’m grateful there are issues around the show, there are protection issues, but if Eddie and the team want to fight in London, we’re ready.”

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