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USWNT ‘LFG’ on HBO Max: how to watch, release date and all the details about the ‘same pay’ documentary

USWNT ‘LFG’ on HBO Max: how to watch, release date and all the details about the ‘same pay’ documentary

HBO Max will premiere a new documentary about the famous U.S. Women’s National Team and, above all, their efforts to achieve equal pay for justice.

The path to equality for the USWNT has been a long and tiring one, and this next film will offer viewers an intimate look at the journey so far.

Goal It has everything you need to know about “LFG” and more.

What is the documentary ‘LFG’?

‘LFG’ is a documentary produced by HBO Max that focuses on the USWNT and the ongoing struggle for equal pay.

The short ‘LFG’, short for ‘Let’s F * cking Go’, will be an inside look at the team’s struggle for equality that began three months before the 2019 World Cup campaign. Team players he denounced U.S. football for gender discrimination, campaigning for the same income paid to the equivalent men’s team.

The documentary will be complemented by the perspectives and perspectives of Megan Rapinoe, Jessica McDonald, Becky Sauerbrunn, Kelley O’Hara and Sam Mewis, who have been advocating for equal pay measures in recent years.

In 2020, a judge ruled against the group in a wage discrimination lawsuit.

“This fight is much bigger than us and the Women’s National Team,” Rapino said. “We are doing it for the next generation of women footballers and for women around the world in all areas of industry and life who are fighting for equality.”

The ‘LFG’ has been following the USWNT since it filed the lawsuit in March 2019 and promises a look at the dialogue over the equal pay dispute.

“The film mixes transcendent sporting performances, including a record World Cup victory in 2019, with a constant effort to get players the same pay,” the press release said.

“LFG gives viewers unprecedented access while meeting the physical demands and pressures of being some of the most important athletes in the world, while showing their courage, strong spirit and endurance in an effort to create long lasting social change. The struggle for women’s rights IX. from the title “.

It will be produced by Andrea Nix Fine and Sean Fine and Abby Greensfelder. Howard T. Owens and Ben Silverman will be executive producers of Propagate Content, which will also partner with CNN Films and HBO Max.

“As a female director, it is my honor to receive this crucial moment in the lives of these women. It’s their story, in their own words, and Sean and I are very excited to offer the platform we owe to these women, ”Nix Fine said.

“This amazing rise in women is creating history and is the kind of pioneering story we like to attract audiences,” added director Sean Fine.

You can watch the trailer below.

Date of publication of the documentary ‘LFG’

HBO has not specified the premiere of the documentary, but it is to be seen later in 2021.

How to view ‘LFG’

‘LFG’ will only be available for viewing on HBO Max.

New members can sign up for the 30-day free trial on the website.

The HBO Max subscription is $ 14.99 per month in the US

Details on how viewers outside the U.S. can watch the documentary will be available in due course.

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