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USWNT striker Macario was ruled out of the Swedish and French matches due to Covid restrictions

USWNT striker Macario was ruled out of the Swedish and French matches due to Covid restrictions

U.S. national team striker Catarina Macario will miss the team’s friendlies in Sweden and France due to Covid-19 restrictions, U.S. Football has confirmed.

Macario’s club has recently experienced a number of coronavirus cases in Lyon and although Macario himself has not tested positive, he is currently in his forties.

USWNT will host Sweden on April 10 followed by a match against France on April 13.

What was said?

“Although Cat has not tested positive, he is in the required quarantine at the moment, and to be able to travel to Sweden and pass Covid protocols in order to meet those requirements, he would be ahead of the first match and would not train hard for 10 days,” he said. US coach Vlatko Andonovski notice of federation.

“We only have a few workouts on this trip, so it was in Cat’s interest to stay in Lyon and make sure he recovers his season with his club after the end of the quarantine.”

Appearance in Lyon

Lyon postponed their clash against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League this week due to six confirmed cases at the club’s camp.

The quarter-finals of the second round will now take place on April 18, after the first champions of Lyon won the first leg 1-0.

After the match was postponed, Lyon confirmed four more positive cases on Thursday, bringing the total to 10 between players and staff. The whole team is in quarantine now.

Macario’s retreat

The loss of USWNT friendlies will come as a blow to Macario, who is pushing for him to be included in the Olympics list after only making his international debut in January.

Born in Brazil, Macario moved to the US at the age of 12 and in January was allowed by FIFA to play in the US.

The 21-year-old has made three appearances for the USWNT, scoring just one goal.

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