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Valencia have backed down after Diakhaby’s alleged racial abuse by the Cadiz player. “We support you Mouctar!”

Valencia have backed down after Diakhaby’s alleged racial abuse by the Cadiz player.  “We support you Mouctar!”

Valencia left the field in a league match against Cadiz on Sunday after defender Mouctar Diakhaby said he had been racially abused by an opponent, Juan Cala.

After an incident with Cala, Diakhaby was significantly disturbed and the match was stopped in the 30th minute when the two were discussed on the pitch.

Valencia started to leave the field after the incident, and then Diakhaby asked his teammates to return to the field with the threat of dismissal points for canceling the team. The club then issued a statement sponsoring its player on social media, writing: “MOUCTAR WE HELP YOU.”

What happened?

The event started with a 1-1 result in the 29th minute, with Diakhaby’s central defender going to midfield to face Cala.

As the game continued around them, the two were seen in a warm exchange before the referee went to break up the pair.

Diakhaby was seen to be significantly disturbed as the team members wanted to break up the fight before several Cala went to confront him. Then, Valencia chose to leave the field in favor of Diakhaby.

After about 15 minutes, Valencia returned to the pitch, saying the club had done so because Diakhaby insisted he had to continue the game.

Diakhaby, however, did not return and was replaced by Hugo Guillamon while he was on the pitch in Cala Cadiz.

Cadiz won the match 2-1 Marcos Mauro scored in the 88th minute.

What was said?

“Diakhaby has told us that they have been insulted and, from Valencia, we condemn that,” said Valencian Jose Gaya after the match. “We left the pitch for that, but they told us we had to leave [the dressing room] for if we did not do so, they would deprive us of three points and perhaps more.

“Diakhaby told us to get back on the field and that’s why we went out. He wanted to go out on the street. We wouldn’t do it without his permission.”

Gaya added: “He wasn’t ready to leave. He’s sunk. It’s a very ugly insult, I won’t tell you. Cala was the last to come out on the pitch and didn’t talk to him.”

FIFPro has expressed “serious concern” over the incident and said players have shown no protection against discrimination.

“Match status [Cadiz vs Valencia] it raises serious concerns today. We will monitor the situation around the match with our colleagues [Association of Spanish Footballers]”, read the note posted on Twitter.

“Although much has yet to be investigated, errors in the belief in the existence of pressure on a team that responded in collective solidarity with a teammate to pursue a match under threat of punishment, both in regulations and in response to anti-discrimination actions, appear to be flawed.

“Tonight’s events again show that the protocols created to protect players in situations of abuse discriminate against the protection of the game, which can not only damage the system, but also harm people who may already be harmed.”

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