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Very well, now investors are buying shares of video games

Very well, now investors are buying shares of video games

Gamestop. AMC. Dogecoin. NFTs. And now some investors are waiting, Pokémon and Mario.

For investors who are willing to make risky bets the next big “Gamestonk” could be a vintage copy of Yellow Pokémon. Companies like Rally and Otis (created in 2016 and 2018, respectively) allow customers to buy shares of these active niches, which have achieved astronomically high prices at auction: Super Mario Bros. It sold for $ 114,000 in July 2020 and a copy in November Super Mario Bros. 3 it was auctioned off for $ 156,000, making it the most expensive game ever sold. The combination of curiosity and long-standing financial speculation continues to drive up prices, which is attracting more and more interest for investors. Another copy of the current record is on the verge of breaking Super Mario Bros. put up for auction, Which will sell for more than $ 310,000.

Apps like Otis and Rally allow customers to enter the hot market of the collection without saving their lives in a single game. Otis has branded itself the “stock market of culture,” raising more than $ 14 million in venture capital, while the Rally competitor recently raised $ 17 million. The Otis app features high-quality photos of carefully crafted vintage games stored in high-quality crystalline plastic and allows the average person to purchase a piece of the item, with the chance to get six images at auction.

Of course, buying a share of a valuable game is basically about buying a stock, bond, or asset. No one’s childhood was defined by random random 5,000 soybeans or a small percentage of a giant corporation. That’s a crucial part of Otis ’sales pitch. It underscores people’s intimate ties to beloved Nintendo franchises like Zelda and Pokémon, only that cultural touchstones will gain value over time. According to a publication on Zelda in the Otis app, “It’s one of Nintendo’s most notable and successful franchises. Its success is partly due to the consistent cycle of versions of the series that cover every generation of Nintendo devices, and therefore consolidates its importance.” Otis says the 2017 success Wild breath “It’s likely to bring a demand for souvenirs from this franchise.”

I want a small part of the action, so I buy five shares of a sealed copy Zelda II Otis, $ 10 per share. For a good measure, I take out five shares of the 1987 sealed issue Contra When it debuts in the NES app. Why not? They don’t do it anymore, and it’s in perfect condition. Otis estimates its market value at $ 32,800, a positive target, in part based on the results of recent auctions.

Professionals who live in the messy and dusty shops of Manhattan’s East Village tend to be skeptical of these big figures. On a sunny, cold March day, just a few blocks from the bright and clean Otis exhibit, I come across Joe Tartaglia, the owner of 8 Bit and Up, a small shop that specializes in vintage games. Previously, the posters of Mario and Luigi and Ash Ketchum disappear Pokémon cover the windows. Inside, outdated air and dim lighting make it look like a literal saint: a well-ordered stack of old cartridges, big TVs, weird peripheral looks for gaming systems I don’t even know. Carefully neglected brings us back to the previous two seasons, both for games and for New York. Tartaglia, who has been in the gaming business since 2008, did a quick online search when I asked him if he was buying online Contra It would be a good investment at $ 32,800. Similar staggered games were selling at prices as high as $ 1,000 a year ago, he told me. “For a year now, the price has gone up by 15 factors or more. It doesn’t make sense to me. ”He suggested that high sales prices could be new investors who increase value.“ I wouldn’t want to buy that damn thing, ”he said.

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