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Want to improve your memory? Get a good night’s sleep! – Harvard Health Blog

Want to improve your memory?  Get a good night’s sleep!  – Harvard Health Blog

Few nights are as beneficial to your memory as having a good night’s sleep. Let’s understand why.

If you are tired, it is difficult to pay attention and memory requires attention

To remember the information, you need to pay attention to that. If you’re tired, you can’t pay much attention when you’re resting. This statement may seem simple, but it raises another question: why are you tired?

You will feel tired and have trouble paying attention because you have been awake for too many hours and the pressure of sleep is increasing, or because you are taking a nap in the middle of the night and your circadian rhythmyour internal clock) is telling you to sleep. In both cases, you will have trouble paying attention, so you will have trouble remembering.

Does caffeine help?

Caffeine blocks chemical receptors in your brain so you don’t feel the pressure of temporary sleep. That way, caffeine allows you to stay alert, pay more attention, and remember better. As you probably know from your experience, caffeine can delay sleep pressure more and more, which can lead to complete fatigue.

Prepare for new studies

When you learn new information during the day, it is temporarily stored in the hippocampus, a part of your horse-shaped brain behind your eyes. The hippocampus has limited storage capacity. If you pass, you may have difficulty adding new information or overwrite an old memory with a newer one.

Fortunately, that doesn’t usually happen. Every night you sleep, the connections between neurons (called synapses) to reduce or eliminate memories you don’t need to diminish – such as what you ate for breakfast last week and the clothes you wore yesterday. This selective pruning of synapses at night prepares you to form new memories the next day.

Sleep to reinforce memories

Sleep also helps us reinforce memories we want to preserve them, moving them from memories that are temporarily available to those that can be remembered a few years later. Memories of events and skills both show greater adherence while awake during the 12-hour period of sleep. Much of this reinforcement occurs during stage 2 sleep, a mild sleep phase that occurs most frequently in the hours before waking up. This means that if you get up early without resting all night, you will damage your ability to store your memories.

Connect your memories while you dream

Even if you dream in different phases of sleep, your most interesting and vivid dreams usually happen when you fall asleep in rapid eye movement (REM) so that your body is paralyzed while your eyes are moving fast. During REM sleep, your newly reinforced memories are linked to your previous memories, including your life and your library of events and knowledge. This connection between your last memories and your previous memories and knowledge is a reason to wake up with a new and valuable perspective on a problem, or maybe even a complete solution!

It actually happened to him Dmitry Mendeleev, which had been fighting for months about how to put atomic elements on the periodic table. In a dream he had on February 17, 1869, he saw where all the elements were and, after writing down the dream, found that a small and only correction was needed.

You will feel better in the morning

Are you terribly angry about something and feel at least something better the next day? Sleep can also remove emotions associated with painful memories, while maintaining the content of the memory. That way, you can remember what bothered you without having to relive the full emotional intensity of the event.

Does sleeping pills help?

Melatonin is not a traditional sleeping pill, however can help regulate the sleep cycle if that is the problem. Acetaminophen can relieve the aches and pains that can keep you up at night. All other sleeping pills, however, without a prescription or purchase, will calm you down really made the memory worse, both for what you learned earlier that day and for what you are trying to learn the next day! Pharmacological treatments for sleep they are the best.

Bottom line

Do you want to maximize your memory when you’re studying for an exam, preparing for a customer meeting, or looking forward to your 50th reunion? You are likely to remember the exam information, meeting documents, and the names you are reviewing about your classmates if you study the material you want to remember for several days each day, and then a refreshment. sleep seven to nine hours every night. Good night!

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