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Watch Us Roam Virtual Deep Sea with Ocean Oceanographers Real

Watch Us Roam Virtual Deep Sea with Ocean Oceanographers Real

We love the deep sea science here at WIRED, and we have coverage to prove that. Since a mysterious fish that is barely visible and high-tech deep-sea underwater ra virtual reality ocean rides and ocean conservation challenges, it is safe to say that we like to think about the worlds under the sea and say what world awaits us in the deep waters beneath the icy ice of the moon Jupiter, the moon of Europe and Saturn.

Since we can’t visit these places yet, we’ll have to explore the seas at stake Subnautica: below zero, Will officially launch on Friday, May 14th. The survival game will take on what it might be like to be stuck in an ice-covered ocean world, taking advantage of the resources available in a rich deep-sea environment to survive. But who better to tell us what the real challenges of ocean exploration are, especially what the challenges of exploring the oceans of completely different planets can be? National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Woods Hole Oceanographic Organization, who is doing this kind of research right now?

We asked them to label us in our virtual dive to talk about the research expedition they will leave, how to control robotic scuba diving in ocean environments, what they expect to find or learn on a trip, and what it might be like to build and control similar dive robots to explore oceans in other worlds. Sounds funny? Come with us here or directly on our Twitch channel, 19:00 Eastern Time, 16:00 Pacific.

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