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What is a Triller? How to live Jake Paul vs Ben Askren stream on social media app

What is a Triller?  How to live Jake Paul vs Ben Askren stream on social media app

Jake Paul is once again entering the ring for his third fight as a boxer. He should get the toughest test so far when he wears gloves on Saturday.

A boxer who has become a YouTube star will face Ben Askren, a welterweight world champion in both Bellato and ONE, with a professional 19-2 MMA record. He has his origins in wrestling, however, and will be his first professional boxing match on Saturday. His opponent has achieved TKO victories over two previous opponents of Ali Eson Gib and Nate Robinson, neither of whom has a history of fighting.

The fight Paul and Askren had on Saturday is officially portrayed as a cruise fight. Paul’s natural body weight seems to fit more than Askren’s. Paul weighs about 200 pounds naturally, Askren about 170 pounds.

Saturday’s session will disappoint viewers looking for more traditional streaming services like DAZN or ESPN +; The fight will be provided via the Triller streaming app only. Along with that, here’s everything you need to know about the fighter and his host’s streaming site, Triller:


What is a Triller?

Triller is a social networking video sharing service. It allows users to create and share short videos, including hand-played videos, or alternatively sync them using artificial intelligence technology. Released in 2015 for Android and iOS, it went on to include social networking features, having originally functioned as a video editing app.

The thriller has a strong connection to the music business, and has agreements with Spotify and Apple Music to use songs from libraries. Proxima Media is the one that invests the most, but Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group have also invested in the app. Several artists have also invested in the app, including Marshmello, The Weeknd, Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne.

Here’s how Triller defines himself:

Triller is an AI-based entertainment app that allows users to create professional-looking videos in seconds. Choose a song, select the part of the song you want to use, take some photos and at the click of a button you have a quality video clip of the celebrities starring you and your friends. “

How to watch Jake Paul vs Ben Askren fight against Triller

The fight against Jake Paul’s Ben Askren will be broadcast live via the Triller, which can be viewed via a computer, smartphone, tablet or smart TV. Combat will be available through Apple TV, Android TV, Roku and Amazon Fire’s FITE apps.

Combat will be available through cable providers like Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, Verizon, DirecTV and Dish. You can purchase the payment as a view event thriller for $ 49.99.

Why is Jake Paul fighting in the Triller?

Jake Paul Vs. This is the first major event in Ben Askren Triller’s new collaboration with Snoop Dogg, called “Triller Fight Club”. It is a series of annual payment cards created and hosted by Snoop Dogg that includes items from the fight of Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. in November 2020. That was the first fight in the Triller app.

Paul-Ask’s fighting performances in The Black Keys, Diplo, Doja Cat, Justin Bieber, Major Lazer, Saweetie and Snoop Dogg’s Mt. they will be a new team. Westmore.

As for why Paul wants to fight Triller, it’s likely that the Gen Z user audience agrees with him, allowing him to expand his audience.

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