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Who is Max Abmas? What to know about Oral Roberts ’important Sweet 16 team player

Who is Max Abmas?  What to know about Oral Roberts ’important Sweet 16 team player

March Madness, meet Max Abmas.

If you didn’t know Oral Roberts ’6-1 165-pound secondary guard, you’ll know now: The main factor was not only helping the 15-seeded Golden Eagles tremendously. The first round of 2 Ohio State seeds, but also a disturbance in the second round of Florida, which has grown to 7. Oral Roberts Sweet is just the second 15 seed to reach 16 now, thanks to Abmas ’play.

In the first game, he scored 29 points in 10 of 24 shots (5 of 10 including 3 points from the ground), grabbed five rebounds and distributed three assists in a 75-72 overtime win. Against the Gators, he scored 26 points in 6 of 6 shots and provided seven assists; he was also perfect from 12 to 12 on the free kick line.

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At first glance, Abmas seems to be a player who has risen at the perfect moment and on the biggest stage. But it has been commonplace for two years Oral Roberts, and what was played on the opening weekend of the NCAA Tournament was just the latest example of this.

Here’s everything you need to know about Abmas, who gave Oral Roberts at least one more contest in the NCAA Championship.

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Abmas’ surname is pronounced “ACE-miss.”

You may be tempted to say Abmas ’name as“ AB-mas ”, but it’s called“ ACE-miss ”. Not a bad name, considering his tendency for long-range shots.

Abmas directs all Division I players to match points

Abmas had a great 29-26 point outing, but it wasn’t the first time they’ve gotten in the batch this season. Entering the NCAA Championship, Abmas led all Division I players by scoring 24.4 points per game. Iowa team’s Luka Garza, 2021 New Sports Player of the Year, averages 23.7. Abmas also placed third ahead of the national championship with 609 points, behind only Cameron Thomas (611) and Garza (687) of LSU.

He also scored 3 three-pointers in at least 21 games, including at least four in 13 games.

Abmas has played well against big opponents before

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the Golden Eagles ’Summit League competition Abmas gathered his stats against low-level competition: He also had big games against NCAA Tournament Missouri (18 points), Wichita State (29), Oklahoma State (36) and NCAA Tournament teams. . Oklahoma (20). All of these games resulted in losses.

How did Abmas end up in Oral Roberts?

According to Rivals.com, Abmas received only four scholarship offers: Air Force, Army, Navy and, of course, Oral Roberts. The product of the Dallas High School in Texas was finally gone Private Christian University in Oklahoma, where he specialties in biomedical chemistry.

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