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Who won the Amazon Union election in Bessemer? The results can take time

Who won the Amazon Union election in Bessemer?  The results can take time

It has been A packed with stars, packed with action for seven weeks sent by union votes Amazon’s Bessemer, Alabama, compliance center staff on Feb. 8. President Joe Biden tweeted a support video. Tina Fey, Sarah Silverman and Matrix Director Lilly Wachowski signed a request asking employees to vote yes. Amazon’s PR team started Twitter okela With several members of Congress, including Bernie Sanders, who visited Bessemer on Friday, on issues such as whether or not their staff peed in bottles. (They do.) In short, union elections — the first in a U.S. warehouse in the Amazon — have become the most important labor event of a generation.

The campaign has featured in at least 53,000 stories from more than 2,000 reporters across two dozen countries and six continents, with Chelsea Connor, director of communications at very low demand, competing to replace workers in the retail, wholesale and retail union (RWDSU). The voting phase ends today: 5,800 eligible warehouse workers have until the end of the day to leave their vote in the hands of officials from the National Labor Relations Committee. Then all eyes are on the management office in Birmingham where, from tomorrow, NLRB staff will start voting. To win a union, a majority of those votes must be “yes”.

Correct warning: you will not get the result overnight.

Even if half of the elected staff return their votes, it may take a few days for the committee to complete its account. Representatives of the NLRB will conduct a hand count in front of observers on both sides, first drawing each ballot from the signed envelope. As officials read the names, both sides can (and probably will) challenge each other for procedural reasons — such as unreadable signatures — or by discussing the right of an employee to vote. The challenged votes will be set aside, and the remaining anonymous votes will be placed inside a ballot box for public counting. After the count, if the number of votes questioned is enough to affect the result, it means a longer wait. The regional board will hold a hearing to resolve the disputed votes, adding weeks to the process.

Things could get worse and worse. Following the progress, each party has seven days to file objections to the conduct of the election, including allegations of Misconduct. In unmarked elections ballot box for reasons of a company of mysterious origin, website disseminate misleading information about the payment of dues and a traffic light where organizers spoke with staff, some observers believe RWDSU has too much to make a ULP or three allegations against Amazon. The guilty verdict can invalidate or invalidate the results. Outside of the election process, there has been little chance of prosecuting the NLRB directly if it is believed that an agency has mishandled the election. While this is rare, these elections have not been uncommon.

The Bessemer warehouse opened a year ago this month, when the rest of the country began to close. As e-commerce demand exploded, local workers were forced to meet strict productivity quotas while struggling with their security problems. In June, an employee named Darryl Richardson formed Googling unions and found RWDSU. She filled out a form on their website. At the end of the summer, he and other staff went to hotels, restaurants and parks to meet with the organizers. Due to the large number of Covid-19 cases around Bessemer in November, postal elections were presented.

Workers began their journey in the wake of the summer Black Lives Matter protests. More than 80% of the facility’s staff are black, and the BLM organization has become a partner, leading a “Union Yes” caravan around the center a couple of weekends ago. RWDSU President Stuart Appelbaum has seen the Bessemer campaign as a “renewal of the alliance between the civil rights movement and the workers’ movement ”. Black workers and immigrants, who have long been exploited in the US, have often led the struggle for labor rights. In 1963, RWDSU organizers helped Martin Luther King Jr. organize a march for employment and freedom in Washington.

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