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Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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WHS Update November 2021 | Scottish golf

Posted on 10/11/2021

It’s almost 1 year since we went live with one of the biggest changes in golf lately. The new World Handicap System (WHS) enables golfers to have a handicap that is portable worldwide and seeks to welcome more golfers into the game by making it easier to understand.

Since live with WHS on 2second November in Scotland, there was an incredible 1.9 million scores submitted by the system. All scores are calculated correctly, providing golfers with an updated index that reflects their demonstrated ability overnight.

We are delighted to see that more than 244,000 golfers in Scotland have also now registered for the Scottish Golf App. The application, which has a variety of features, from allowing general play counts to course search information, is the place where news and disabilities can be found in Scotland.

General Play is a new feature under WHS that allows golfers to play for their handicap at any time using the Scottish Golf App. Since its launch, more than 350,000 General Play scores have been submitted, with 200,000 of these Scottish golf app.

It has been a busy year for everyone associated with disability in Scotland and we wanted to give all clubs a brief update on a few key points as we continue to work together to include the new system.

International score submission is now available in the Scottish Golf App. This means that any Scottish golfer with a WHS index who has registered for the application can submit their competition or general game scores directly to the Scottish golf application.

All the precautions that are in place for general home game scores are also in place for international score submission:

Geo-location – you must be at the course to pre-register for the round.
2. Time submission – there is a time delay which means that your score can only be submitted once a certain time has passed.
3. Marking verification – your score must be verified by a marker and their details must be submitted.

This new functionality will mean that all scores can be submitted on game day and a player handicap index will be calculated ready for the next day, no matter where they are in the world.

As part of the ongoing work on WHS integration, Scottish Golf and England Golf are currently working with The R&A and the WHS Interoperability Group on a new pilot scheme.

The pilot scheme aims to develop and improve the functionality of the WHS for golfers and golf clubs and to provide a greater link between the operating systems of national associations.

National associations around the world are already united in using the WHS to provide a standardized method of calculating a golfer’s Handicap Index that can then be translated into a Course Handicap and Play Disability.

Furthermore, we in Scotland have adopted an operating system to ensure the successful roll-out of the WHS.

In England and other countries around the world, the administration system chosen to implement the same WHS calculation differs in design.

This pilot scheme between Scotland and England will help to provide a blueprint that will enable each platform to ‘talk’ to each other and enable greater connections between national associations in the future.

Phase one of the launch will give clubs in Scotland and England the ability to look up the Handicap Index of a player from any area by simply entering the individual’s ID number into their existing WHS platform. It is now available in the Scottish Golf WHS CDH Lookup to which all Scottish Golf Clubs have access, just go to the WHS CDH Lookup and you will now see a cross-border lookup option.

Phase two of the pilot will focus on the ability to transfer scores automatically from WHS-approved software vendors played for rounds and submitted to clubs in England to a player’s Scottish record and vice versa. Clubs should note that Scottish golfers can already submit scores from other jurisdictions directly to the Scottish golf application. All golfers received direct communication outlining this functionality.

There is a long tradition of golfers from both sides of the border who enjoy trips north or south to experience new courses or revisit old favorites.

Consequently, Scottish Golf and England Golf recognize the importance of this pilot and work closely with The R&A and the WHS Interoperability Group as we move towards a fully-fledged WHS.

As we get to the end of the first year of WHS, clubs will try to possibly start with their membership’s annual disability review.

As we approach the one-year anniversary, we are reviewing all the reports and accompanying data currently available within the CDH with a view to identifying what additional tools we can provide to clubs to undertake the annual review accurately and seamlessly. .

It is important to remember that since WHS is a reflection of a player’s current demonstrated ability, we expect to see less recommended adjustments than under the previous CONGU UHS based on potential ability.

Further documentation and reports will be made available to clubs over the winter and we do not recommend that clubs do any review until a final series of reports has been made available. We will provide more details over the coming months once we have had an opportunity internally to undertake further analysis of the data at national level.

As we move into winter, we begin to receive a large number of emails about guidance for playing a changed track. We have compiled a winter guidance document that can be found here.

We have made great strides in clearing the CDH database by removing more than 120,000 duplicate CDH IDs from the system.

We still have a long way to go because we still have about 290,000 live CDH IDs that do not match the membership fees provided by clubs.

Can we please ask where possible to fill in all the data fields against a golfer record (email and DOB are strong identifiers of duplicates)

Any golfer who leaves your club must be properly resigned / released from your club software. Golf clubs must review their club records against the WHS CDH list to ensure that the player has been removed and that the lists match. We still receive emails from clubs stating that the WHS CDH and the club’s database do not match and this causes problems for the club and the golfers when they try to move sticks.

Clubs should also have access to all the tools they need to address any discrepancies that have a material effect on any of their members’ records.

Adjustment tool video
General playing instrument video
Away General Play Tool Video
CDH Lookup Tool Video
Ignore Low Handicap Index Video

We have also added additional reports that can be obtained through the WHS CDH portal. They include:

Active general play counts
GP History
Criminal history
PCC history
Exceptional scores

We have compiled a document that can be accessed here which helps to explain all the different tools and reports in the WHS CDH.

If you still have not set up access to your club platform, please contact us at [email protected] and our team will be able to guide you through how to do it.

Scottish Golf also held a webinar for club officials where we discussed some of the frequently asked questions of club administrators about WHS. A link to the webinar can be found here.

You can also access our WHS / App FAQs here.

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