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Why are Jake Paul and Ben Askren fighting? A call-up prompted the retirement of the former MMA champion

Why are Jake Paul and Ben Askren fighting?  A call-up prompted the retirement of the former MMA champion

Jake Paul will look at it improved his boxing record 3-0 On April 17, Ben Askren joined former MMA champion Ring Truck’s Fight Club.

Paul began his professional boxing career in January 2020 with his first qualifier against YouTuber member AnEsonGib. In November, Nate Robinson continued with the elimination of former NBA player in November vs. Mike Tyson vs. Under the Roy Jones card. It will be the first time Paul has entered the ring with a former fighter.

Askren twice won the First Division national wrestling championship, becoming the champion in the Bellator and ONE championships before finishing his mixed martial arts career in the UFC. He scored a 19-2 mark before retiring from the sport in November 2018.

How did the fight between YouTuber and the former MMA champion come about?

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Why are Jake Paul and Jake Paul fighting?

After former NBA player Nate Robinson in the second round playoffs last November, Jake Paul called on several MMA fighters to join him in a boxing ring. Among them were Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz, Dillon Danis, Jorge Masvidal and Ben Askren. Although some suggested the fight take place on social media, only the recently retired Askren made it clear that he would be ready to meet the famous YouTube fighter.

“Boxing, it seems, is easy,” Askren told Submission Radio about the possibility of entering the ring after hip surgery. “However, I am sure I could do that. There are no shots, no punches, no leg locks. I don’t know, I think it’s pretty safe. “

Askren wasn’t surprised by Paul’s elimination from Robinson and said he was sure he would come out much better than Robinson and AnEsonGib, a YouTuber who stopped Paul in the first round last January.

“It’s hard to say when you’re going against someone who is so evil,” Askren said. “Nate Robinson, good god, I stood out. I mean, he actually seemed like he had never played boxing before. For anyone who is such an elite athlete – which is a very good elite athlete, he was a great basketball player – he couldn’t deserve the hell.

“Of course, I’m a high-level fighter, with a lot of followers, maybe he wasn’t known for his stand-up. I think that’s probably what he’s thinking. “

After going back and forth on social media for a while, it was announced that Paul would return to the ring in April to fight Askren in the eight-round weightlifting cruise.

Since the fight was announced, the two have intensified competition on social media, with Paul dragging Ask’s wife into the feud. The clash heated up at a March press conference, words were exchanged and he became almost physical under the stars.

Both have made promises to knock out the other but only one will emerge victorious on April 17th.

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