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Why Corey Davis’ comments about Jets quarterback Sam Darnold don’t mean much

Why Corey Davis’ comments about Jets quarterback Sam Darnold don’t mean much

Stick with Sam? Not quite.

New Jets expansion Corey Davis had his introductory Zoom conference on Tuesday, where he made waves in which he believes the Jets can turn to Sam Darnolden again as the 2021 season quarterback.

There is, however, a catch: this is the NFL, where semantics is much more important than fresh water. Davis has no problem believing that Darnold Jets is the early quarterback right now, March 24, 2021. That is true.

While the New York media is talking about Davis, he thinks it will be the Darnold Jets in September (they have to sell newspapers, after all), there is a critical line to Davis ’Zoom call, some of whom seem intimidating and unwilling. , ignoring the invitation:

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“In whatever direction they decide to go, it’s up to me to make sure I’m ready,” Davis said. “I’m willing to catch anyone’s passes.”

It seems like an important thing to mention.

That’s the last bit especially important, considering that Jet has been very careful in questioning the off-peak season around Darnold, from GM Joe Douglas to new coach Robert Saleh to MetLife Stadium beer vendors. A, and Davis also mentioned that Darnold had not yet contacted him, which is also very telling.

The Jets reportedly received calls from Darnold this season and were also allegedly in the mix of quarterback Deshaun Watson for the roofs. allegations of sexual assault surface, which means the group isn’t selling at least in Darnold.

There are a number of undeniable facts about Darnold’s situation that are tabloid budgets and agnostic depending on the situation:

  • New York is sitting in 2nd place in the overall standings in the 2021 NFL Draft, where at least one Zach Wilson or Justin Fields is waiting;
  • Darnold was inherited by Douglas – Douglas was hired in 2019, while Darnold was drafted the previous year;
  • The fourth-year passer has been a substitute starter who has shown potential moments, but not many others.

Darnold has thrown 45 touchdowns and 39 catches in his short three-year career, a team that had nine terrifying touchdowns and 11 interceptions in 2020 that raised serious questions about whether the team will move up with the quarterback – especially when Darnold’s near-fifth chance is near.

While Davis signed the money (which is getting a $ 30 million guarantee) and Saleh’s influence based on more than anything else with the Jets, the runner’s question will be answered soon.

With a few months to go before the NFL Draft, expect a resolution one way or another.

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