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Why did they interrupt Nicholas Castellanos? Reds outside player fracas vs.

Why did they interrupt Nicholas Castellanos?  Reds outside player fracas vs.

Don’t start anything, there will be nothing.

Redshirt outsider Nicholas Castellanos was given a brief MLB ban … in a failure? agitation? … in a game against the Cardenals this weekend.

According to the MLB note: Castellanos “received an unpunished fine for his aggressive actions in Saturday night’s game and for clearing the banks.” Castellanos bent over Cardinal Jake Woodford’s pitcher after scoring in a wild pitch.

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The only thing that hurt the outside player and hurt him were the feelings, but MLB decided that Castellanos deserved a short break.

On the other hand, Woodford, who some believe was deliberately thrown at Castellanos, didn’t get a game (perhaps?) Because of a deliberate throw.

Although the suspension seemed a little smooth, he was right.

Why did they interrupt Nicholas Castellanos?

The Reds ’outfielder was sentenced to two games in a row on Saturday with the Cardinals for starting to dust off the bench.

As long as they didn’t throw blows, Castellanos pushes for failures 2021 MLB Health and Safety Protocols, as the league continues to try to act safely within the COVID pandemic:

Prohibitions on unsportsmanlike conduct will be strictly enforced to prevent unnecessary physical contact and to allow physical distance between individuals on the playing field. In this regard, players and managers should maintain a physical distance from referees and opposing players whenever possible. From a referee or manager who allows players or management to argue with referees, they come from one referee or an opposing player or manager to another for arguments or disputes on the field, subject to immediate expulsion and discipline, including fines and interruptions.

Castellanos is appealing the decision, but is expected to accept it. The suspension is scheduled to begin tonight.

Cardinal Jake Woodford’s pitcher did not receive a break before he hit the Castellanos field earlier. Several players, including Nolan Arenado, Jordan Hicks, Yadier Molina, Eugenio Suarez and Jesse Winker were fined for their role in the incident.

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