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Why Shannon Sharp blocked Kevin Durant on Twitter after a discussion of fake budgets

Why Shannon Sharp blocked Kevin Durant on Twitter after a discussion of fake budgets

Maybe Shannon Sharp should learn to point the finger.

Kevin Durant isn’t the nicest person on social media (or necessarily not), but he had very good reasons to be small on Tuesday, after discussing the false mention attributed to Durant by host “Shannon Sharpe”.

After the word war on Twitter, Durant revealed that Sharpe had finally blocked him, thus ending the public meat and fighting between the two titans on Twitter.

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Sharpe revealed why he chose to block Durant rather than take ownership of the situation and offer a public apology.

“I’m not a gangsta, but I’m not going to go with KD and lose my job,” Sharpe’s tweet says. “I’ve had a disagreement with other athletes, b4 ppl, we managed like adults and go on … ‘ADULTS.’

There’s a bit of irony in Sharpe’s words, considering that on Tuesday, Sharp continued to shoot Durant on Twitter then the surface of the false budget.

All things considered, it seems pretty simple “KD, you were right, I was wrong. We need to do a better job of making sure the words come out of your mouth.” Instead, Sharp twisted the problem by sending Durant more beards and eventually blocking them.

Is everything on Sharpe? Probably not. Producers will likely put Sharpe in a bad position, giving the quote without verifying its veracity. But Sharp deserves criticism because he has raised his hand and doubled, then tripled, rather than accepted credit.

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