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Why the Yankees have embarked on the 2021 season should be at least worrisome

Why the Yankees have embarked on the 2021 season should be at least worrisome

Maybe the “bust” will come back before the “World Series” of food.

New York, sitting at 5-10 at the start of the season, looks set to fall short of expectations for the 2021 “World Series or bust,” if the returns so far are signs of long-term success. Brian Cashman spoke to GM journalist on Monday, which he felt It is reminiscent of the scene from the movie “The Naked Gun”.

“It’s a bad stretch and we’re going to get that together,” Cashman said. “This isn’t us against them. This is all of us, including all of us who wear this, myself included.”

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Actually, it could be the Yankees ’early-season problems: early-season problems. Players are still guessing a few months ahead of time, especially after a year after 60 games were played. But New York still has concerns. The team has been at its worst start for 25 years and there is no clear solution other than “holding the path”. And it’s okay! Just 15 games, after all.

Some unfortunate truth, though: the offense has been bad (3.6 plays per game, in third place in the majors), and they only have Luke Voit after shoe surgery, so you can’t blame the slow start on the injury. The unnamed pitchers of Gerrit Cole have also been horrible, with the ERA seemingly the cost of chops at a nice restaurant.

There is enough guilt to walk around. Players play, coaches coach, computers calculate. If you point anyone out this morning, Cashman should be slightly more to blame than the rest. The Yankees, with a $ 210 million payroll, are apparently too big of a mistake, and many start with howls.

Cashman is clear on one type when it comes to starting pitching, and has shown confusion over the years, and the formula has had less than good production this year.

Whether it’s the rise of JA Happ, Lance Lynn, Jaime Garcia, Corey Kluber or Sonny Gray, James Paxton or Jameson Taillon, the Yankees ’search for rotation renewals for a long decade hasn’t exactly taken over. the best fruits. This year has continued.

Among Kluber, Taillon, Jordan Montgomery and Domingo German, not a single Yankees starter has a FIP 5.0. This will not work. These beginners have made 42 2/3 entries in 10 outings. That won’t work either.

On the other hand, the Yankees bullpen has thrown the fifth most innings so far in the majors, and they are a team that has traditionally not been afraid to go to the ‘pen’, especially as the season progresses.

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Can Kluber and Taillon turn around? Of course, why not? This is baseball and weird things happen all the time. Taillon was ultimately out of action for almost two years and Kluber had only one start in 2020 before leaving with an injury. Both boys are historically eh even in the early months of the season, so it’s just a matter of rust erosion.

The Yankees, instead of facing World Series 2021 or bust expectations, seem to have decided to wash their hands after signing Gerrit Cole, “Yeah, we’re done here.” Even after Masahiro Tanaka and Paxton moved on over the course of the season, they decided on the starting lineup, whether they were in favor of veteran youth recovery projects or proven effectiveness.

And, by the way, there’s no guarantee that Luis Severino will return from Tommy John’s Cole to a solid No. 2 behind. And it’s also likely to throw a rust, as it was last thrown in 2019.

Even if the team goes to Deivi Garcia or Clarke Schmidten or Michael King for a spin in the coming months, the constant turnaround should be a concern for the Yankees. It’s something they’ve tried to navigate over the years, and Cashman and Co. couldn’t really figure it out.

By the way, the references to the eating problems would not be complete without talking about the poor defense of the team, as UZR / 150 ranks among the worst among the majors in the beginning (-6.6).

While the rest of the AL Eastern countries play surprisingly good baseball, while the Red Sox, Rays and Blue Jays provide obstacles to jump at the start of the season, the Yankees have a long way to go to regain their playoff competitor level as well. The Orioles are also ahead in the standings. The people of Orio.

But it’s a long way to October.

To say all this: please disperse the Yankee fans. There’s still no head down on Jerome Avenue.

A lot can change in a minute in New York. Don’t expect change to happen soon.

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