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Yankees fans throw the season – and balls – when the team enters the cellar; Aaron Boone comes out better

Yankees fans throw the season – and balls – when the team enters the cellar;  Aaron Boone comes out better

The last Yankees played poorly on Friday night when they lost 8-2 at home to Rays. Some of the 10,202 fans at Yankee Stadium misbehaved in response.

A group of spectators caused a delay at the bottom of the eighth inning by throwing baseballs to the field outside the stands. (How did they get those balls into the park? Great question.)

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New York director Aaron Boone shook his head as he watched from the grave.

“You hate to see that. Unfortunately, few people do it in the end and it looks bad for everyone,” Boon told reporters after the game. According to MLB.com’s Bryan Hoch.

Fans threw mistakes and objects as the Yankees dropped to 5-8 a year and went to the AL East winery. The bombings made three mistakes, dealt 11 blows, made seven walks and hit the American League champions.

Boon played the game after the team meeting, but when he met with reporters he considered it private. New York outfielder Clint Frazier, however, filled in some gaps. He said the boss was “upset.”

“If you don’t know how things are going, we were warned after the meeting,” Frazier said, for each SNY.

“I think hearing from him is different from listening to players,” Frazier added. “Because Boonie is one of the most … one of the most positive men behind the scenes for us … I feel like a person who is so cold that he should listen to us all when he directs us the way he does, because he’s not that guy who really upsets.

“I think your ears light up a little more every time a guy who’s so cold expects a lot from you and we don’t give in the way we can.”

Giancarlo Stanton Yankees DH / outside player didn’t use as many words as Frazier, but he had the same approach.

“[Boone] of course he was very angry, and rightly so. ” Stanton said this on MLB.com.

The words Frazier and Stanton said about the encounter will not reassure fans who want to release Boone for a bad start. At the very least, the director wants to release the profane and insult the players to show that he cares about the recorders.

But Boone is a baseball neighbor who knows that playing like a fan won’t help. He took a professional approach on Friday night.

“It should be better” Boon said about his team’s game.

No baskets or objects were thrown. The pattern was better than that.

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