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Yo, Adrian: Sylvester Stallone begins writing the series for his previous ‘Rocky’

Yo, Adrian: Sylvester Stallone begins writing the series for his previous ‘Rocky’

Maybe Rocky Balboa can go back to round 9 or round 1.

The “Rocky” movie franchise is simply not going to die like Apollo Creed in “Rocky IV,” with eight movies in the series (seven, since “Rocky V” doesn’t really exist), and at least one more along the way. But it looks like Sylvester Stallone hasn’t finished milking that cow.

In an Instagram post earlier in the week, Stallon revealed that he has begun the process of writing a series of “Rocky” antecedents, saying it would be good for a streaming service, even if he doesn’t know the release date or would have any guarantees. received at all.

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Stallone’s title reads:

This may be the strangest message so far. This morning I started writing a treatment for Rocky prequel. Ideally, for 10 episodes for a few seasons, to get to the core of the younger characters – Here’s a small part of how my creative writing process begins … Hopefully it happens – And then I had to go fishing to clear my head … Talk about extremes! Keep punching friends.

And the note reads:


Imagine a time machine that will transport us to the origins of “Rocky”.

A film world made up of people from all over the world who have been around for almost five decades.

Climbing to that time machine that will take us to the transformative generation of modern history: the Sixties. …

Needless to say, the 60s were a dynamic time.

However, we are introduced to the relatively ordinary life of a 17-year-old Robert “Rocky” Balboa among all the social seismic activities.

When we met Rocky in 1976, he was a very lost soul, a forgotten man, a useless life, until he became a winner.

Now we see this young man struggling like all the young people trying to find his place …

In the note, Stallone deals with a number of historical issues from the 60s, including the Cold War, the Black Panther movement, and the landing of the moon. Those who would play in the education of Balboa.

The beloved boxing character was in his six films, appearing as a tutor-type character in the “Creed” films directed by Michael B. Jordan. Both films, “Creed,” premiered with critical acclaim, with a third on the way next year.

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