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Zion Williamson has created comments from Madison Square Garden Knicks fans: “I love playing here.”

Zion Williamson has created comments from Madison Square Garden Knicks fans: “I love playing here.”

All eyes are on Zion and Knicks.

It seems that Zion Williamson almost wanted to go international in the 2019 NBA draft for the Knicks, but the Pelicans were happy for the misfortune of Knicks fans around the world, winning the lottery and selecting Williamson.

On Sunday, Williamson played his first professional game at MSG, losing 122-112 to the Knicks, but the rookie star couldn’t help but wonder what it was like to play on the world’s most famous pitch.

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“I’m happy to ask that, actually,” Williamson said with a huge smile. “New York is a Mecca of basketball. I like to play here. I played here in college, this is the first time I’ve played among professionals. I mean, this atmosphere, whether they’re cheering for you or rocking for you, is amazing.

“Actually, I think – outside of New Orleans, of course – I think it might be my favorite place to play outside of New Orleans. I can’t even lie to you. I can’t lie to you.”

Williamson couldn’t hide a smirk in his ear and even the “exterior of New Orleans” seemed a bit clunky to me, yes, the cliché of delivery. Could this be a dog whistle for Knicks fans? (They hope so.)

Reports suggested that the Duke of Honor at the time was outraged when the Pelicans were named the 2019 lottery winner, instead of choosing No. 1 for New York. The Knicks finished in No. 3 overall and were selected as a former member of Williamson’s RJ Barrett Duke.

New York, always looking for the next star of the Big Apple, has played above expectations until 2020-21, in the first season of coach Tom Thibodeau. After a win over New Orleans – the Knicks are 3-0 to Zion and Pels this year – they are sixth in the Eastern Conference and have won six games.

With Barrett and Julius Randle as one of the best players in the NBA, the Knicks seem to be heading for the ship in the end.

Could this ship be one that Zion wants to board? Time will tell.

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