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Zion Williamson’s family is unhappy with the Pelicans, so they want to leave New Orleans for each report

Zion Williamson’s family is unhappy with the Pelicans, so they want to leave New Orleans for each report

All eyes are on Zion … again.

According to a new report by The Athletic’s Shams Charania, Joe Vardon and William Guillory, the pelicans “have been unable to gather the right elements to make the rising star Zion Williamson and his family happy,” creating speculation that Williamson might want.

Charania’s report indicates that Williamson’s family has been in his ears with a general dissatisfaction with the organization, which may have led Williamson to leave earlier than New Orleans. The report says Williamson’s family wants him “in another group.”

MORE: Why Stan Stan Gundy was released after only one season in New Orleans

Athletic says Williamson is focused on next season and his stay in New Orleans.

Reports over the season indicate that the sacked coach Stan Van Gundy clashed with the players and the team’s first office, and a report by The Athletic says Van Gundy was angered by Williamson’s family. Van Gundy “was too rigid and too strict as a coach.”

Van Gundy only lasted one season in New Orleans, and Williamson will be the third coach now in the Association for three seasons.

The Athletic report also states that Williamson’s family believes that New Orleans is not doing enough to defend Williamson as a player or player.

Williamson moved a bit after playing for the Knicks in Madison Square Garden in April, When he sang the praises of MSG, calling it his favorite place to play on the pitch, even sparking speculation of HOW he might want it.

“I really think – outside of New Orleans, of course – I think that might be my favorite place to play outside of New Orleans. I can’t even lie to you,” Williamson said.

Williamson, who turns 21 in July, was chosen by the Pelicans for first place in the 2019 NFL draft. Due to his level and production as a player, he is entitled to a supermax extension with the team. It will not be possible to acquire a free agency until 2023.

Until then, though, it shakes the rumors.

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